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Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Daniel Liszt, founder of the Dark Journalist website, has published eight videos to date that have been highly critical of Corey Goode’s claims of being a secret space program whistleblower, and having been chosen as a delegate for a group of extraterrestrials he calls the Sphere Being Alliance. Liszt’s “impartial” investigation questions the credibility of Goode as a witness, and promotes the view that Goode is a pathological liar that has contrived his testimony.

Documents and expert witness statements included in this article is conclusive evidence proving Goode’s professional background in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and his credibility as an IT consultant prior to his emergence as a whistleblower in 2014. Liszt’s exclusion of these documents and failure to obtain any professional IT recommendations in his “impartial” investigation cast considerable doubt on his claim of being an investigative journalist seeking the truth about Goode’s testimony.

In the first four videos of his series, Liszt presents and endorses the views of Project Avalon Founder, Bill Ryan, that Goode fabricated his background as an Information Technology (IT) consultant who earned a six figure salary during his career. According to Ryan and Liszt, Goode’s claims that he was deprived of a well-paying IT career after being involuntarily outed as a secret space program whistleblower in 2014/2015 is contrived.

In particular, Ryan asserts that Goode was not an IT expert, and cites several sources in his three part interview with Liszt supporting his conclusion. In his initial article that gained Liszt’s interest and support, Ryan wrote:

Ilie Pandia (who, like Paul, knows a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net) then looked closely at some of his statements, and raised a flag that there was absolutely NO WAY he was an ‘IT expert’ as he had claimed. That simply wasn’t true. This was the first time we’d realized there was a definite, proven, problem, and that Corey had been lying about his expertise. (Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert.)

Ryan’s italicized last sentence is very revealing. He refers to two individuals, presumably Project Avalon forum members who know “a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net,” who pass judgement on Goode’s alleged IT expertise. There is a major assumption here by Ryan that his two sources are bona fide IT experts – which is not shown to be the case – and since they find problems with Goode’s statements, Ryan reaches the conclusion that Goode had been lying about his IT expertise.

This immediately raises the question of fact checking whether there are documents and IT experts who can corroborate Goode’s claims of working in the industry. As we will find out, Ryan ignores evidence suggesting this, as does Liszt who does not bother to investigate such evidence in his “impartial investigation” into Goode.

Finally, Ryan furthermore reached the conclusion that Goode, who was unemployed and on medication at the time of two interviews with Ryan’s ex-wife, Christine Anderson, in 2014, was desperate for funds and wholly contrived his whistleblower testimony to raise money from a gullible public.

Liszt accepted all of Ryan’s conclusions without any qualification, and gave them his imprimatur as a major revelation after completing his interview series with Ryan using sensational headlines such as “Bill Ryan Exposes Corey Goode: The Facts!” and “Secret Space Psyops: Celebrity Whistleblowers!” Liszt has since gone on to publish four more videos attacking some of Goode’s key supporters and volunteers. In his eight part video series to date, Liszt presents himself as a bona fide journalist conducting an impartial investigation into Goode’s claims in order to learn the truth.

Liszt asserts that his series exposes a major deception that is being conducted on the UFO community by Goode and supporters who wish to undermine legitimate research into the existence of secret space programs:

The secret space program narrative is being contaminated by what looks like a psychological operation meant to discredit this worthy research.

Liszt’s video series has certainly gained much attention since his supporters and many viewers believe he is conducting an impartial investigation into Goode’s SSP claims. However, there are major problems with Liszt’s investigation in terms of available public documentation that refute key claims made by Ryan that Goode contrived his background as an IT consultant earning a six figure salary.

In reviewing documents and recommendations available on Goode’s LinkedIn page, one reaches a very different conclusion to that reached by Ryan, who consulted two alleged IT savvy individuals. Liszt then uncritically accepted this information as fact.

The available documents show that Goode did indeed work in the IT industry as a consultant, that he was highly regarded in the industry as an expert who was given several awards. Importantly, his resume shows professional appointments and skills that would qualify him for the six figure salaries that Goode claims to have earned from his IT consulting career.

What is extraordinary in reviewing Liszt’s eight videos is that he did not once refer to any of these documents, nor did he approach any of the companies that Goode claims to have worked for, which are clearly listed in his resume that is available online. Nor did Liszt attempt to contact independent third parties, IT experts, who publicly recommended Goode for work in the IT industry.

This is despite the fact that Ryan himself refers in his initial critique about the importance of consulting IT experts in assessing Goode’s claims. Even though Ryan referred to two sources to refute Goode’s claims, Liszt did not deem it worthy of exploring whether they were indeed IT experts, as Ryan assumes, and whether or not there were genuine experts supporting Goode’s competence as an IT consultant.

Furthermore and most critically, Liszt did not contact Goode for clarification on his IT background in order to properly assess this vital aspect of Goode’s work history, and his credibility, given Ryan’s claim that Goode was “lying about his expertise”.

This lack of basic investigatory rigor into Goode’s work history and qualifications casts serious questions on Liszt’s impartiality and professional integrity in investigating Goode’s claims. Liszt’s acceptance of Ryan’s conclusion that Goode is a “pathological liar” on multiple issues, which includes his work history, appears to be an a prior assumption Liszt has adopted that underlies his entire investigatory series.

At this stage it is important to review documents and recommendations by third parties that are all publicly available for independent review when it comes to Goode’s career as an IT consultant.

His resume shows a series of positions he has held as an IT consultant for various companies up to late 2013. For example, from July to Oct 2013, he worked at Darling International Inc., in Irving Texas as a “Systems Engineer, Microsoft (vmWare, Citrix & VEEAM)”.

Immediately prior, from April to June 2013, Goode worked at Hilton Worldwide as a consultant in Citrix and other computer systems. He gained the position through Robert Half Technology which is a recruiter in the IT sector with approximately 5000 to 10,000 employees.

Goode’s resume goes on to detail his IT work history all to way back to 1995, when from August to January 1998, he worked on the Help Desk of Stream International in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area giving Microsoft Support.

Goode has supplied documents showing the acknowledgements he received in various jobs. These include AmerisourceBergen Speciality Group where he worked from March 2006 to July 2008 in Frisco, Texas. His main responsibility was “Application Support Engineer,” where he says he “Maintained the Web Server environment & troubleshoot Application issues via log files, configuration files, SQL queries & IIS & Server Configuration\Event monitoring tools.”

Goode supplied the following document which is a June 7, 2007 letter of recognition for his first year of service from Dale Danilewitz, the Chief Information Officer at AmerisourceBergen. Regarding Goode’s IT work, Danilewitz says in his typed letter: “Your work has contributed significantly to the success of AmericsourceBergen Speciality Group, and we are pleased to have you as a member of our team”

In his handwritten note at the bottom of the letter, Danilewitz writes: “Corey, your addition to our desktop team has been a positive and productive one.” Here Danilewitz is acknowledging Corey’s work as an IT specialist on the firm’s “desktop team”.

Goode also worked from July 2008 to March 2009 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas as “Team Lead/Sr. Desktop Support III/Network Security.” On December 19, 2008, he received an 11-K Award from the Federal Reserve for his “contributions to further the mission of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas at your location are hereby recognized and rewarded.”The presenter of the aware was Robert Triplett, who is currently the Senior Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

In addition to the above documents, Goode’s LinkedIn page also includes professional recommendations from former work colleagues who commented on his IT consulting expertise.

Among these is James Fomby who worked with Goode for over a year at Santander Consumer USA from April 2011 to April 2012. Fomby has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and since graduation in 1993, he has worked in the IT industry.

Fomby wrote the following professional recommendation which is found on Goode’s LinkedIn page:

On June 11, 2017, I was able to communicate with Fomby by LinkedIn and he confirmed the accuracy of the recommendation he had written for Goode. When I asked about the salary Goode would have earned at the time, Fomby directed me to a website listing industry standard salaries for the position Goode held.

This is significant since it makes plausible Goode’s claim that as an IT consultant filling temporary positions as detailed in his resume, he was later, by 2013, earning a six figure salary, in cumulative terms.

Other professional recommendations include Vic Blazier who is a Senior Consultant for Federal at VMware, and worked with Goode in May 2013 when Goode was consulting for a five month period at Hilton Worldwide. Blazier has the following to say about Goode as found on Goode’s LinkedIn page:


Another independent IT expert, Glenn Mason worked with Blazier, and got to assess Goode’s skills after looking at his resume and speaking with him personally. Mason wrote:

Yet, another IT expert who commented on Goode’s IT background and expertise is Sam Zhong who said:

As the preceding documents and four professional recommendations make clear, Goode did work as an IT consultant who was highly regarded by his peers, and earned industry standard fees for his short term consultancy work at large corporations. This means that Ryan’s claim, based on him speaking with two individuals who know “a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net”, that Goode lied about his IT background is demonstrably wrong.  

Importantly, Goode’s wife Stacy provides important background details about his work history and experiences, especially in 2013, when he began recovering traumatic memories from his secret space program experiences. She describes in graphic detail the injury, surgery and recovery that Goode was in the midst of when he gave his first interview to Ryan’s ex-wife Christine in 2014.

Significantly, Stacy confirms that Corey was earning a six figure salary through his IT consultancy work before his injury. This clearly supports his contention of earning a six figure salary before he stopped working in late 2013 due to a detached retina eye injury. This is all consistent with industry level salaries for positions held by Goode, which have been confirmed by documents and IT experts.

In a passing reference to Stacy’s testimony in his most recent video, Liszt is very dismissive, and doesn’t consider her information relevant to determining the truth about Goode’s claims at all. As the preceding documents and recommendations suggest, however, her information is very relevant since it shows that Goode was a successful IT consultant up to late 2013, before going through surgery and recovering in 2014.

Stacy’s testimony supports Corey’s claim that when he was publicly outed in 2014/2015, his work prospects in the IT industry were severely impacted, since a Google search would reveal his controversial whistleblower testimony.

By willfully ignoring public documentation and not contacting independent third party experts with direct knowledge about Goode’s IT background, both Daniel Lizst and Bill Ryan have publicly injured Goode’s reputation as a credible person due to his former background in the IT industry earning a significant salary, and being widely respected by other IT consultants.

This appears to have been done on design in order delegitimize Goode’s whistleblower testimony about secret space programs and being an extraterrestrial delegate. Goode’s claims in this regard are certainly controversial, and people are entitled to request hard evidence to support them. However, in claiming to be conducting an impartial investigation, whereby documents and independent third parties which are vital to Goode’s credibility are ignored, Liszt and Ryan are demonstrating a clear intent to delegitimize Goode’s credibility.

Rather than Goode being part of a “psychological operation” to manipulate the general public over legitimate research into Secret Space Programs, Liszt has demonstrated by his actions that his “impartial investigation” is the deception being conducted here.

On a more personal note, from March 1989 to 1993, I was a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Government, University of Queensland, Australia. I vividly recall often sitting in on meetings and presentations involving my academic peers from the School of Journalism. I learned first-hand from experts about Journalist ethics and integrity.

Liszt boldly claims: “As a journalist, my own objective is the truth.” I can say that from a purely professional perspective, what Liszt has done in his alleged investigation of Goode, as far as his IT work history is concerned, holds little journalistic integrity. It amounts to a hoax investigation or psyop, similar to what Liszt was accusing Goode of conducting. This raises serious doubts about the validity of additional issues Liszt later raises concerning Goode’s testimony and key supporters in his eight part series.

UFO researchers would do well to apprise themselves of proper journalist investigatory techniques before jumping to rash conclusions about cases such as Corey Goode, and accepting at face value the bona fides of alleged journalists such as Liszt, whose real objective is anything but finding the truth about secret space programs.  

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

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  • CmdrRiker

    Good article. Both sides hard at war with each other lol

    • eggsaisle

      I recognize that user name! Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a “war”… nor are both sides hard at war. One side seriously wants a war. The other side is merely (and fairly politely and decently and properly) defending themselves.
      One side is on the complete offensive the other side is merely doing what they waited (quite a while) to do but could have done honorably long ago but resisted until Ryan, Dolan and Lizt made it mandatory through their viciousness and unsubstantiated (read: NO PROOF) allegations. It comes across as vindictive pure and simple and aggressive. One must ask why? Because it certainly can’t be because any of them are “bothered” by lack of evidence in a field where there is NO EVIDENCE at all. Curiously we finally MAY actually have physical evidence of SOMETHING with the Nazca finds (more than one find) and yet without listening to any of the actual reports (which is clear from their skewed inaccurate comments) they all three have thrown the Nazca find out the window as a hoax and even accused Gaia of doing it for profit when actually Gaia has nothing at all to do with it.
      After all the claimed 20+ years of so called research (that they claim they have done on various subjects) not a single one of them has any ‘evidence’ of ANYTHING they are saying.
      NOT ONE SINGLE SHRED. Nada. Zip. Even though they want to appear as though they are simply being intellectually honest. (by demanding proof)
      Dolan (in his verbal MUFON speech) used the words ‘BELIEF’ and ‘BELIEVE’ over and over to describe his relationship to UFOs. hmmm. Doesn’t sound like he has any evidence after all those YEARS of ‘real’ research. I’d ask Bill, Daniel or Dolan to provide on single item of real evidence on anything they have ever ‘researched’ as well. That’s only fair since they suddenly seem to NEED proof of everything they are investigating. I guarantee they do not have it. (Not in the way they are demanding of others).
      In fact, if they did have any proof (which they don’t) they would no longer be using the words: Believe and Belief. Nor would they use the outdated anagram: UFO…to describe the thing they say they have been researching all these years. Because means UNIDENTIFIED and FLYING and OBJECT all three are words No one who KNEW what the things were would be using to describe them – Which only demonstrates that they have no evidence and no proof. I don’t use that acronym. In fact I have very little interest at all in endless (in their case; 20+ years) of speculation over photographs (which can be faked firstly and secondly which can never PROVE what a thing really IS) or for equally UN-PROVABLE testimony that includes OUTSIDERS as witnesses who have absolutely no interaction with the ‘OBJECTS’ or ‘persons/beings/ai etc.’ operating those objects except to observe or be treated as complete outsiders in certain abduction scenarios where they are STILL only outsiders and observers and have no clue what is really happening to them.
      Being interested in UFOs is like sitting by the road and taking photos of cars driving by and reporting back that we saw a car and it looked ‘thus and thus’ and a shadowy figure may or may not have stepped out or we may have been taken somewhere in it. What research?! What has it accomplished?!
      Who cares what color and shape of car an unknown being drives? The only thing that matters is possible real insight into information behind the scenes that may actually have a bearing on life here. Otherwise it’s all just empty useless photos and stacks of useless empty testimony that is utterly meaningless to humans. Nothing these people do can accurately be called research anymore than their claim that Corey cannot be a real ‘Whistleblower’. None of the hundreds of Greer’s witnesses can accurately be called real whistleblowers either based on their ridiculous criteria.
      How on earth Does BR or Dolan Or Daniel expect a real whistleblower from a 20 and back to have any PROOF? It’s a deliberately circular argument. Okay then, Let’s see the “proof” they have that UFOs exist! Oh wait. They have NONE. Yet they want us to believe they are RESEARCHERS? What researchers can do more than 20 years of research and have absolutely ZERO proof to show for any of the things they claim to believe?
      I’m not saying the things they claim haven’t happened. I’m simply saying they need to apply the same burden of proof to their own so called ‘work’ and careers.
      Having a YouTube channel does NOT qualify BR or Daniel Lizt as ‘researchers’.
      I’d also like proof that Bill Ryan actually does NOT have a cavity in the top of his head.
      However I’m certain I will NEVER SEE a photo proving this is or is not true. (JK)
      More importantly for all their gesticulation and clamor and negativity and nastiness, they of all people need to show they have proof of their own claims.
      One can show documents that someone worked somewhere or show photos of a so called UFO (although that’s not what anyone who deals with them would call them by the way) or one can have days long conferences like Dr. Greer where hundreds of “whistleblowers” who are former military men have stood up and said what they have seen. But not ONE of these HONEST people have provided a single OUNCE OF ANY PROOF PERIOD. So after all the years these guys claim to have been investigating such things you’d think they would by now be used to the reality that in this so called ‘FIELD’ (if one could actually call it that) The one remaining consistent glaring problem across the board no matter WHO the investigator is… THEY ALL HAVE ZERO PROOF. (with the possible exception of The guy in south Phoenix who has actual “Grey” bodily tissue in a freezer?) And That’s exactly why they use the words like: Belief and Believe when referring to UFOs.

  • francois

    Greetings, Michael,

    i’ve always had a ‘bad’ feeling about the ryan-dude and sensed his collusion (for $$) with the cabal, so i stopped listening to this compromised brother long ago. In regards to daniel liszt, his slick, mysterious, tuxedo-style was interesting at first though my inner-sight always gave me pause for reflection during each interview because something about the consciousness in his energy field was using a masking frequency: something now easily detected in the collective-psyche field of most beings.

    To be perfectly honest, eventually i was able to detect a reptilian signature directing liszt’s consciousness- especially when i wrote to him about interviewing Corey early in his debut.

    Michael, as a retired criminal investigator, i am grateful to see you spell out such a ridiculous “investigation” not only exposing this ryan-liszt conspiracy but for outing two undercover cabal members long planted as disinformation agents. Your professionalism coupled with your lucid writing style is a gift to humanity! My own contribution is just a different puzzle piece coming together behind the scenes soon to offer its assistance into more overt corridors assisting the human collective.

    The inner-work of detecting and ‘seeing’ conscious ‘energies’ in all manifestations of existence to include both organic and inorganic beings will one day become known to all humans. Have faith, dear Humanity! There is much afoot beyond the limited sight of these powers-in-error, poised soon to deliver its intoxication. 🙂

    Many blessings.