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QAnon Exposes Hawaii False Flag Missile Attack & Points to Secret Space Program Intervention

Today, QAnon returned to the topic of the January 13, 2018 ballistic missile alert for Hawaii being a false flag attack that was intended to bring about a major catastrophe for the Hawaiian islands. In once again raising the issue, QAnon emphasizes that supporters need to understand how the Deep State uses false flag events to promote its agenda, and how advanced technologies are being used by White Hats in the U.S. military to neutralize these threats.

Chief among these highly classified advanced technologies is a secret USAF space program that QAnon is alluding to as instrumental in stopping the Hawaii false flag attack. In short, QAnon wants supporters to learn that a USAF run secret space program intervened to prevent a nuclear catastrophe that had been attempted by the Deep State.

QAnon first pointed to the Hawaii missile alert as a false flag event in a February 11 post. I covered QAnon’s revelation in a detailed article released on February 13. In other articles, I pointed out the role of a secret CIA naval battlegroup in the false flag attack and the mounting evidence that such an attack involved a nuclear armed ballistic missile that was intended to hit Hawaii, most likely Honolulu.

One of my articles explained how a secret USAF space program tracked and intercepted the nuclear armed missile. In a recent interview on Cosmic Disclosure, secret space program insider Corey Goode described the false flag Hawaii missile attack and how an intervention by the USAF secret space program had occurred:

Recently they [USAF secret space program] intervened in something that occurred in the planet. Most people don’t know that the CIA has a secret fleet that strangely enough they call the dark fleet. And it’s comprised of a nuclear submarine, a nuclear aircraft carrier, some prison ships, hospital ships, … destroyers, an entire fleet. And its kind of a rogue fleet.

And recently, I was told that, in a briefing, we haven’t fully confirmed all the details yet but these were retired general and colonel types speculating that the nuclear sub had gone into a shallow area close to North Korea and had fired an ICBM at Honolulu.

And of course, we all remember … it was all over the news … the fake missile alert. 

But if you look deep in the news, you see some interesting UFOs reported close to Hawaii during that time period, weird corona in the sky. And also, someone reported an explosion in the sky, possibly a meteor…

So what I’m told that they believe happened, was that this rogue submarine fired a missile. The MIC [Military Industrial Complex aka USAF] Secret Space Program, took it out and intervened. And that’s what the explosion was that they heard over the ocean.

Goode’s information helps us better understand the involvement of secret space programs in global affairs, and their relevance in the ongoing civil war between the Trump Administration/U.S. Military Intelligence [QAnon] against the Deep State.

In this regard, Goode said:

Well, what’s interesting is this Military Industrial Complex [USAF] Program had been a major tool of the Cabal [Deep State] for a long time. But now, that’s kind of been wrestled away from them as the DoD types have come back more toward the direction of the Alliance. So it’s more of an Alliance representation in this program now, although … it is split a little bit.

In the August 30 post [#1993], QAnon refers to their earlier February post, where the Hawaii false flag attack is highlighted in a red box.

Significantly, on August 30, [post #1993] QAnon added the following comments about why referring to the Hawaii incident again was important:


Hence the reason why we are here.

Hence the reason why THE PEOPLE are being updated.

Emphasis on (SOME) things.

The WORLD is connected. (SOME) things would irreparably harm our ability to advance.


QAnon clearly wants the rapidly growing Q movement to fully appreciate the significance of the January 13 Hawaii incident as a major false flag attack with a significance that needs to be fully understood. By referring to “FULL TRANSPARENCY”, “why THE PEOPLE are being updated”, and “Emphasis on (SOME) things” such as the Hawaii missile alert, QAnon is directing supporters to learn about who was behind the false flag attack and who stopped it.

In understanding who stopped the Hawaii false flag attack, in addition to material covered in my earlier articles, Corey Goode’s recent comments gives us additional information about who stopped the false flag attack and why.

It is becoming clearer that QAnon wants supporters to go down the rabbit hole of classified advanced technology programs, and how these programs are relevant in the shadow civil war between the Trump Administration/Military Intelligence and the Deep State.

QAnon is signaling that the defection of classified programs such as the USAF Secret Space Program from the Deep State augurs well for what lies ahead, and there is much cause for optimism that “full transparency” will be achieved so that the planet may change forever as these technologies are fully exposed.

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  • Maria Angelica Brunell Solar

    Many people in the comments do not understand that there is a civil war in the US. Some US space programs have defected to the Earth Alliance, such as the MIC SSP/Airforce program. Others, like the Dark Fleet are still in the hands of the CIA/cabal.

  • Gregory White

    Once a hyper advanced tech ship is used to thwart mass false flag attack..Jig is up.. Alliance knows partial disclosure all agreed upon, half for full disclosure. All know false flag attack in mass would mean full disclosure imminent.

    • tonylane

      point taken Gregory, but there could be some bigger issues involved Here, The secret space programme we have to assume are Part of the secret Government that includes most of the CIA and the Elite Zionist cartel, there have been plenty of 20 and back mission’s that have included a Nazi and A Reptilian Agenda, And if what Alex Collier Tells us about a council Of Planets in the Andromeda Section is True, then we would not stand a chance of being a Member on it Anytime Soon, with the Behaviour of the USA regarding a Slave Trade on Mars and Underground Earth.

      • Maria Angelica Brunell Solar

        There are several secret space programs. Some still work with the cabal, others have defected.

        • tonylane

          Do you think that out of all the Nations upon the Earth, that America Is the Only One That Cannot be Trusted as I do, because they signed away the Rights of the People of Earth To the Reptilian ET’s in exchange for Alien Technology In 1947.

          • Maria Angelica Brunell Solar

            There are many more Western govs who cannot be trusted, no doubt about it!!!!

            But now SSP factions are allied to resist Draco activity, especially the human trafficking part. There is a blockade now around the solar system, so it is much more difficult for them to take their slaves and other traffic outside the system. Moreover, other benevolent extraterrestrials have almost completely overpowered them. I guess that is why the Resistence has been able to advance so much lately!

          • tonylane

            Yes Maria, you make a good point, there are some factions within those Entities that are trying to resist the Draco activity but it is not going to happen overnight, and also when they are gone we will still have plenty to clean up, because there are also blockades preventing some of the benevolent ET’s from getting in. About several months ago there was someone who used to comment on a regular basis and then one day he revealed that he was a clone, but I always wondered how he technically knew so much, over time some of his comments were deleted, because many of them were directed at Michael Salla, These are times when we have to use our insight, because we have for thousands of years lived in a world of total control, From Religions to Politics and from Patriotism to Entertainment Which also includes Sport that diverts People Away From Their Normal Thinking Processes, This is a very Cluttered Planet so we need to now more than ever to stay focused on what is being Hidden.

          • Maria Angelica Brunell Solar

            Benevolent extraterrestrials have been helping mankind for a long time, but they are limited in what they are allowed to do for us because of the Cosmic Law of non interference. They have been able to disrupt Draco domination because the Draco were violating that law.

            And you are right, in order for them to show themselves to us and help us further, we need to reach a minimum stage of civilization. This requires that we stop our wars and institute some kind of global coordination. As C. Goode says, the Blue Avians’ message is that to reach that stage we need to work on ourselves first: forgiving others and forgiving ourselves, being more loving and increasing our service to others, and raising our vibration.