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Q Confirms Secret Space Programs Real & Extraterrestrial Life Exists

On September 19, Q Anon dropped two bombshell posts affirming the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. The two posts open a big door for the millions who have been following the Q information, to learn about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life, and how these have been hidden from the general public.

In the first post, Q responds to questions about whether extraterrestrial life exists and whether the Roswell UFO crash really happened, and replies as follows:

Q’s response makes clear that we are not alone and that the truth about the Roswell flying saucer crash has the “highest classification”.  The response is significant since it affirms what a senior official with the Canadian Government’s Department of Communications reported back in 1950 when he inquired about the Roswell crash among senior U.S. government scientists.

Wilbert Smith’s official report was eventually released through the Freedom of Information Act:

The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.

Perhaps anticipating skepticism, Q further advocates that readers consider the vastness of space to realize that our galaxy, and the universe more generally, is certain to be teeming with life, some of which has technologically evolved sufficiently to travel through our galaxy and visit the Earth as occurred with the Roswell incident.

In the second bombshell post from September 19, Q responded to a number of questions about secret space programs, and replied:

In stating that the “moon landings are real” Q is refuting conspiracy theories that the moon landings were hoaxed. This removes an impediment to the general public learning the truth about what has been really happening on the moon subsequent to the Apollo moon landings.

In the next statement, Q affirms the existence of space programs that “are outside of public domain”. This means that Q wants readers to understand that the information on these non-public domain” space programs is highly classified and restricted to those with need to know access.

Furthermore, Q is alerting readers to the fact that much information about these secret space programs is found in the private corporate domain, and not necessarily in the hands of the US government and the military services.

Two insiders, Emery Smith and Corey Goode have recently spoken about how corporations are in charge of secret space related programs run out of military installations such as Kirtland Air Force Base. In the book, Antarctica’s Hidden History and the Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs, the historical genesis of corporate control over space programs is described in detail.

While Q did not explicitly refer to President Donald Trump’s Space Force initiative, it can be inferred from Q’s reply that this is related to the existence of secret space programs.

This is the first time that Q has explicitly referred to secret space programs. Previously, Q posts have alluded to a secret space program being involved in intercepting a ballistic missile attack on Hawaii.

It can be expected that Q will reveal much more as the general public becomes open to the possibility that the truth about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life has been hidden, and the Space Force initiative becomes a means of wresting control away from corporations and put back into Presidential Executive control.

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  • http://robertdavidgraham.com Robert David Graham

    I’m going to tell you a little secret about the SETI “wow” signal.


  • Dave Nettles

    The Bible clearly states that the sons of god “Came Down” and married the daughters of men. So just who are these sons of god? This was 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.

  • Chad Ly

    When will we have ET tinder so we can hook up with highly evolved beings instead of selfie queens. lol

  • Blues of Morderer

    I’m so glad we have president Trump as our POTUS. Had Hillary been elected, we’d all be held in FEMA concentration camps, and none of this would ever come out.

  • Nensul

    aliens are fallen angels

  • Almost Serious

    Why do people need the GOV to tell them they exist? I find this insane…O.o

  • tonylane

    The Secret Space Programme The Secret Government, whatever you want to call Them, I Still Smell Treachery, This whole World Wants Disclosure, it does not want their governments giving them Bullshit, Because They Only Exist Because of us, since Roswell all we have had is lies from America lies from the last world war, lies from the Phony Space missions, Lies from the Olympics, the Fact is we do not Believe Anything that the USA Tells us. All We Want Is Disclosure.

    • http://www.reddit.com/r/TheGreatDeception Oblique

      Q is a psy op meant to create blind loyal Trump supporters for whenever they need them. He is using truth to get you to follow lies. We were warned that that a space force would be made over a decade ago and a fake alien invasion would happen. Not to mention this space program was the “Deep States” idea in the first place that they’ve had for decades too, as well as attacking Iran. These are the same people who are behind 9/11 so what does that tell you about Trump? Trump is a Freemason/Jesuit. He has the leader of the Order of Malta pray to a female god at his inauguration. He has the double headed phoenix on his coat of arms.





      Rebuilding America’s Defenses recommended establishing four core missions for US military forces: the defense of the “American homeland,” the fighting and winning of “multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars,” the performance of “‘constabular’ duties associated with shaping the security environment” in key regions, and the transformation of US forces “to exploit the ‘revolution in military affairs.'” Its specific recommendations included the maintenance of US nuclear superiority, an increase of the active personnel strength of the military from 1.4 to 1.6 million people, the redeployment of US forces to Southeast Europe and Asia, and the “selective” modernization of US forces. The report advocated the cancellation of “roadblock” programs such as the Joint Strike Fighter (which it argued would absorb “exorbitant” amounts of Pentagon funding while providing limited gains), but favored the development of “global missile defenses,” and the control of “space and cyberspace,” including the creation of a new military service with the mission of “space control.” To help achieve these aims, Rebuilding America’s Defenses advocated a gradual increase in military and defense spending “to a minimum level of 3.5 to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually.

      That group dissolved and turned into this one.

      In an interview with Foreign Policy In Focus, Robert Kagan iterated FPI’s position toward Iran, saying, “It is time to take military action against the Iranian government elements that support terrorism and its nuclear program. More diplomacy is not an adequate response.”

      • tonylane

        Because America is split between itself and it’s secret Government, the CIA and the secret space navy, it has to sort it’s internal trouble out or it Will Become redundant, and the only country that will be able to handle Universal problems will be Russia because it does not have internal problems or anything that will break it up From Within.

  • Gaia Starr

    Can you see Q means about Moon Landings, meant to mean that FALSE Moon Landings are real. Clever hey?

    • Gregory White

      If moon landings weren’t real, than there would be no bases on the moon. No SSP’s. Face value of Q’s meaning is correct. Narrative ending of lunar landings hoaxed. An ending Russia was meant to see.

      • Jim Jones Koolaid

        What they showed us on film was glaringly fake in a hundred ways. But Q’s wording can be interpretted to mean, yes we have been to the moon.

        • Michael Adonis

          They did go to the moon, but the footage the public saw was filmed in a studio.

  • Stacie Petrey

    Why not tell them all. Why only give tidbits. Destine to be knowledge.

  • Francheska

    I have looked on 8chan where Q posts and do not see these posts. I want it to be real.

  • bogbossman

    Your Q Anon links don’t work. WTF?

    • Francheska

      It worked on my laptop but not my phone.