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Alien Disclosure – Amnesty – Book Review

Alien Disclosure is a science fiction book based on a real-life event involving President Dwight Eisenhower meeting with an extraterrestrial delegation in February 1954. The author, Allan Kules, weaves a fascinating story of how a UFO researcher gets his hands on a copy of the film taken of the meeting, evades a secret government effort to capture him, and eventually takes it to the United Nations where it is played thereby disclosing the truth to the world.

The book’s plot provides an intriguing example of how full disclosure can be triggered by a positive faction of the secret government providing UFO/exopolitics researchers with leaked documents of real events. This first time this happened occurred in the 1980’s and 1990’s with the leaked Majestic Documents, and could easily happen again with a Wikileaks type release of UFO/extraterrestrial related documents.

In Alien Disclosure, a positive secret government faction arranges for the Eisenhower film to be given to the hero, James Broadhurst, and this group helps him to evade a negative faction. He was chosen because of his firm belief that amnesty would need to be given to all those involved in maintaining the secrecy system.

While on the run, Broadhurst gets to meet with human looking extraterrestrials that have infiltrated Earth society, who are also behind the full disclosure initiative. He also gets to witness some of the advanced technologies used by the secret government such as teleportation, and is taken for a ride on an extraterrestrial spacecraft.  

What I found especially helpful was the way the negative secret government faction was depicted. The villains were not dehumanized as psychopaths on a rampage of destruction as they carried out illegal orders, but as typical government agents with a highly skewed national security belief system that made them view extraterrestrial disclosure as a genuine threat for human society.

This made it easier to understand why amnesty, based on the Truth and Reconciliation model used by countries such as South Africa, could be used in a full disclosure scenario. Amnesty is going to be a controversial topic as the full enormity of what has been kept secret, and how the secrecy system has been ruthlessly enforced for over seven decades is eventually disclosed.

Kules’ book presents the pros and cons of an amnesty policy when it comes to full disclosure, and why amnesty is critical in getting the negative secret government faction to stand down. In our world today, there is little doubt that the advanced technologies possessed by the secret government could cause enormous destruction if unleashed by those backed into a corner with no other option.

Yet, as we are seeing with the QAnon movement, there are over 50,000 sealed indictments that have been issued against Deep State officials. The threat of being subjected to a military trial makes for a big motivator in getting cooperation from them. If QAnon is to be believed, the Deep State is on the verge of collapse, so why would blanket amnesty be necessary for the perpetrators of crimes stretching back decades?

Would a “restorative justice” model based on Truth and Reconciliation be better than a “punitive justice” model in dealing with the complex legal and political issues raised by full disclosure? There are pros and cons with both models.

In the case of the Truth and Reconciliation model used in South Africa, many felt that the truths revealed in the process helped bring closure to the victims and/or their families, while others believed that the perpetrators of atrocious crimes were treated far too leniently, and literally got away with murder.

In the case of the Nuremburg War Crimes, while a few senior Nazi officials were punished, the vast majority escaped punishment since evidence was systematically destroyed, and/or such officials went underground to escape justice.

I believe the answer lies in finding some balance between these two justice models since those responsible for the most egregious crimes should be exposed and punished as occurred at Nuremberg. Yet, it’s clear that in the vast majority of cases, where evidence is lacking, a Truth and Reconciliation process has clear advantages. Furthermore, we the victims of such crimes need to move on into a post-disclosure world and forgiveness appears to be an important rite of passage into what lies ahead.

Kules’ book offers many insights into how the full disclosure process might play out, and how the world will react to the truth about extraterrestrial visitors, release of advanced technologies, and the exposure of those who brutally enforced the secrecy system.

Alien Agenda is a very entertaining read, with lots of fascinating plot turns, and inspires the imagination to think about how full disclosure will happen – something that is vital to how it all eventually unfolds.

On a personal level, I was gratified to see how my own research on the 1954 Eisenhower extraterrestrial meeting inspired Kules to write his book. The meeting was a formative event in world history that has been largely ignored by UFO researchers. The multiple diplomatic meetings Eisenhower had with alien ambassadors throughout his administration has shaped the nature of U.S. and world politics ever since.

One area that Kules’ book didn’t cover, is the existence of a German Secret Space Program operating out of Antarctica, which has morphed over the decades with corporate assistance into something quite sinister that operates in parallel with alien contact. Perhaps this is something he will cover later in his Alien Disclosure Trilogy.

I highly recommend Alien Disclosure: Amnesty as a book well worth reading. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and would make an ideal gift for those interested in science fiction, and have an open mind to the truth about extraterrestrial visitation.

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  • 11110 JFK JFK 11110

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  • Arthur Berkeley

    Politicians who have committed crimes against humanity must be brought to justice. Some of the crimes and false flag attacks by the cabal, are so horrendous that those resposible must not evade justice. These evil politicians who have incarcerated others and worse, must be sent to prison. To have a complete amnesty is not the answer, as these beings have covered up their crimes and concealed the truth for decades.
    Obviously the problem goes back to Truman and Eisenhower, who entered into secret agreements with malign extraterrestrials, just to gain military technology.

    • Geoff Griffiths

      So was Roosevelt murdered so that Truman could use nukes?

  • Marilda Oliveira
  • tonylane

    From the Second World War To the Roswell UFO Crash Incident America And the Rest of the World were Betrayed by Three US Presidents, Roseveldt The First help start the world war by Blockading Japan to prevent them from getting their Oil From the Gulf, and then betrayed Hawaii by not telling them about the coming invasion of pearl harbour, which Many Islanders and soldiers lost their Lives, the Next Two Presidents Both Signed Agreements With Aliens in exchange for Technology and agreement meant that the Aliens could abduct anyone from America and the people of Earth to be used in any test or experiment or Eaten as a food Source, their Names Were Truman And Eisenhower, the first time was 1947 And It Has Gone On Until Today, America has to seriously Change Its ways if is Going Show that it is Ready For Disclosure Without any Strings Attached, The People Are Ready for It, is the US government Or Are They Still Full Of Treachery.

    • Geoff Griffiths

      Not so well known is that Pearl Harbour was a false flag.

  • tonylane

    I Do no trust any American Government, when all Three Presidents in History from Rosaveld to Truman through

  • http://engelschwere.blogspot.de/ Fibonacci Sucks

    In the light of the galactic history and recent developments on the bigger cosmic playing field (delivered by the Guardian Alliance/Ashayana Deane) the so called “Nordics” (better called Anunnaki Arcturian agents of the Galactic Federation) are now in an existentially weak position against their interdimensional competitors. (The regional push back of the Drakonians in this Solar System/Cluster is not representative of the real balance of power in the intergalactic endgame between “Fallen Angelics”-Collectives). It would not be the first time in this longstanding multi-matrix-conflict that “Fallen Angelics” seek Guardian Alliance protection from their enemies and enter (hopefully) peaceful Co-Evolution agreements (which by the way were broken numerous times by Anunnaki factions). Despite all the friendly-enemy agreements between “Fallen Angelics”-Collectives in the past (with the common goal to destroy or enslave humanity in the wake of Stellar Activation Cycles resp. to conquer the priceless Stargate infrastructure of Earth and Inner Earth), the winner would take it all. I.e. assimilate or “eat” (energetically) the defeated competitor. With their backs to the wall Anunnaki factions sought protection from the Guardian Alliance. – If this assessment of the exopolitical endgame is accurate, what a delicate situation: One of our worst enemy in this multidimensional drama is now a “Guardian” against his will. Not out of love, not out of compassion. And therefore we should keep the “Nordics” at a distance when it comes to Full Disclosure. If we allow them official Full Discloure access to our societies, they still pose an uncalculable risk for the future of humanity. (In one of Brad Johnson’s recent Earth Intelligence Reports (22 Sept) we
    also hear from a cooperation between Guardian Alliance and Galactic
    Federation Fleets in protecting the quarantine field across the Solar
    System from invading forces. But again, a ‘cooperation for protection agreement’ between the Guardian Alliance and Anunnaki factions does not mean that our Guardian allies are promoting these exopolitical flip-floppers as trustworthy allies. WE humans have to choose our allies. Choose wisely, my fellow humans.

    • Deke Savage

      Corey goode is a phoney. fyi


      • http://engelschwere.blogspot.de/ Fibonacci Sucks

        I fully support Corey Goode in his role as a SSP-Disclosure catalyst and Sphere Beeing Alliance (Guardian) Delegate. fYi.

        • Deke Savage

          LOL.. as Mark twain said.. “there is one born every minute”

    • Geoff Griffiths

      All of the US ET involvement has been with low 4D negative entities completely compatible with Satanists and Luciferians.
      The Galactic are at 6D and above, completely beyond the reach of negativity. Their purpose at the moment is to midwife the planet and the people from the 3D matrix to 5D heaven.
      Obviously the negative entities will not survive the rise in consciousness and will be dissolved back into the cosmic soup.
      Currently, they are trying to turn Earth into a hell realm.

  • Geoff Griffiths

    Prior to doing deals with zetas and reptilians, Eisenhower was approached by who may have been Sananda and Ashtar, as they were here and were in contact via channels, giving out more advanced teachings than had been available.
    What they offered was the keys to the Golden age, that were are on the verge of unfolding right now, and which full disclosure represents the beginning of public awareness and involvement after decades of delay and extreme opposition. The Golden age will involve everyone and is a higher level of consciousness than this site deals with.
    Understandings have been given out ever since by Sananda, Ashtar and others every since, working through channels as the opposition is still intense.
    So instead Eisenhower did dirty deals that then needed to be kept secret, and that neither party honored, as both parties were crooks, involving agreed to abductions, that has cause immense problems ever since, and which this site is committed to uncovering for the public.
    The US was committed to global dominance and used the technology to enforce this instead of sharing it with the world, as they had agreed to do.

  • Herbert Dorsey

    The actual encounter between ETs and Eisenhower was, at first, going to be disclosed to the public and several people representing, Hearst press, Borderland Research, and the Catholic Church, were invited to the meeting, as disclosed in my book “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program”. After the ETs demonstrated their ability to completely disappear at this meeting and their statement that they would not share their advanced technology with Earth because we weren’t spiritually mature enough to handle the technology we already possessed, the decision was made to keep the meeting secret. However, Timothy Light of Borderland Research did send a letter back to the office partially describing this meeting. Also, Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles sent a copy of the film of the meeting back to the Vatican. The Hearst Press did adhere to secrecy.

    • Geoff Griffiths

      The dismissal of the high consciousness Galactics is disingenuous as the offered to put the Earth on a higher trajectory beyond all war, but the US opted for planetary conquest and made infamous deals with the most negative of all was that neither side honoured.
      We are now at the point some 65 years later when the higher trajectory project will be unveiled and all of the problems in between can be put down to that decision and to the rejection of Valiant Thor’s offer to do the same about 5 years after.
      So now we have an extreme mess to clean up, including a planet infiltrated by negative ETs.