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Will Dalai Lama Join Pope Francis in Disclosing Extraterrestrial Life?

On June 14, 2017, Pope Francis joined the Dalai Lama and other world religious leaders in a joint statement promoting friendship and unity among diverse faiths. The joint statement emerged around the same time as claims began circulating that the Pope was involved in a secret initiative with two other religious leaders to disclose the existence of human looking extraterrestrials.

According to Secret Space Program insider, Corey Goode, he has received briefings from a multiple reliable sources, including Ka Aree, an alleged representative of an Inner Earth civilization, that the Pope and two other religious leaders are planning to appear together publicly alongside a human looking extraterrestrial.

Goode says that Ka Aree gave him two versions of how open contact with extraterrestrials will happen:

V1. Three religious leaders come out and introduce an angelic ET race who bring us a book and a new “esoteric/New Age” type religion based on “Oneness”. V2 was almost the same except it was only the Pope standing next to a Nordic announcing the same thing.

If Goode’s information is accurate, it will be the religious community that officially announces the existence of extraterrestrial life. This would in turn open the door for national governments to quickly release any information they wanted to publicly disclose about their relations with the visitors.

An idea of how the US government may present its historic association with such visitors can be found in a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document. While its authenticity is disputed, there are firm reasons to believe that it contains much factually accurate information.

There is good reason to believe that the Vatican and the DIA are covertly cooperating in preparing the public for disclosure of the friendly human-looking extraterrestrial visitors.

While Goode did not disclose who the other two religious leaders might be in the planned disclosure initiative, a 2013 lecture from the Dalai Lama strongly hints that he would play a prominent role in such an announcement.

Speaking on the topic of “Universal Responsibility and the Inner Environment” at the University of Portland on May 9, 2013, the Dalai Lama made the following comment:

Eventually, if we receive some visitor from another galaxy come, Look: same human being. Maybe a little different sort of shapes, but basically the same. The furthermore [it is the] same sentient being. Respect them. Look at them. It’s the same sentient being. We can immediately shake hands[s] if they have some sort of similar hand there, then we can shake hand[s]. If we put too much emphasis [on] “We are human being[s] on this planet”, then someone from the outside comes, a stranger. Always watch for [?]. That creates anxiety, more fear.

The Dalai Lama’s emphasis on “sameness” or “oneness” is very significant in terms of understanding the role he would play in shaping world opinion on visiting extraterrestrial life.

If the scenario described to Goode is accurate, then the Pope, alongside the Dalai Lama, and a third religious leader (likely a prominent Muslim leader such as Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Eygpt, who also participated in the Unity and Friendship statement), could well soon disclose to the world the existence of human looking extraterrestrial life.

As to the motivations of the human looking (Nordic) extraterrestrial visitors that the religious community is planning to announce, Goode had the following to say in response to one many questions I put to him about his information back on June 26:

Ka Aree stated that the Nordics have worked with Humanity for a very long time. They have mostly worked quietly in the background, but do pop up in historical documents referenced as “Angels”. They would directly interact with certain groups within the Military and Government (including the founding fathers of the United States) as well as with various religious leaders. They have been heavily involved in developing Humanity in a number of ways.

It can be predicted that the June 2017 statement on friendship and unity across religious diversity, along with the Dalai Lama’s 2013 comments on respect and friendship for aliens, would be extended to visiting extraterrestrial life.

If the information provided to Goode is accurate, the human looking visitors have secretly played a very significant and benign role in human evolution, and the religious community will likely embrace the information they provide in promoting a new global religion based on oneness.

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    Pope Francis cares not for any real unity. Listen to him on youtube where
    if you read the translation, he worships Lucifer. Recently he claimed that people should not listen to Jesus or try to contact him. Pope Francis and the Dali Lama are probably both Satanists.


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    Unity amongst diverse beliefs requires discernment. Realism trumps religiosity like truth trumps belief. Catholic, from katholika, means universal, but holy, from qodesh, means set-apart. To reconcile unity with being set-apart one must understand the role of Satan, the adversary. The earliest reference to Satan in the Christian canon is in the book of Job, where Job (meaning hated) offers a sacrifice based on an irrational premise. Reason is therefore essential in overcoming the problem.

    One of the behaviours of the human condition is the ontological separation of the heart, as the seat of the emotions from the mind, as the seat of the intellect. This separation does not exist within the language of Job, where the word “leb” encompasses both rational and emotive responses to the world. Unity in this sense involves reflecting on the emotive aspects of a response as well as the rational ones.


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    Why do the Aliens not come straight to the people of Earth, we are ready. Its no use saying they cannot do it , `THEY CAN`, for years they have supposedly made contact with superior figures on Earth and look where it has got us. We should have known about the Alien situation many many years ago, the world may have been a better place today if we had. I do not mean Aliens would have been our saviors, but there would have been a great shift in consciousness and our understanding of the Universe that would hopefully lead to a more peaceful planet Earth.


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      First of all, there are several type of aliens, each with different agendas. Secondly, they tried to contact people multiple of times, but government is doing media blackout each time to “protect” people. They want to be in control for the ET disclosure, which they’re doing this slowly. They get in contact with many people on Earth and there are many resources available. Just start reading some channeled books and you’ll get the information what you’re looking for. Some aliens doesn’t want to appear, as government is planning to blame them for the invasion, so they could be still the one in the control. Some other doesn’t want to appear, as they’re multidimensional beings and there are some universal law which needs to be followed to avoid karma. Please checkout lawofone.info site if you’re interested in some of these mystery topics.


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    Admittedly, it is difficult to see these religious belief-culprits with their legacies of hyper-violence at the helm of our so-called disclosure process which unfortunately highlights the masses of humanity so brainwashed and dependent on their ‘leadership’. Blessings upon these easily-frightened sleepers.

    Perhaps it is true that so many tee-vee watchers would indeed freak out and/or revert to denial (cognitive dissonance) in the face of ET’s being disclosed if not for these undercover warlords hooking themselves up with a reluctant Buddhist leader who claims that he lost HIS life when he was dali-lama-fied at age sixteen- and who is now vacillating on continuing this “institution”- as he calls it.

    Such clever and well-hidden belief and philosophical systems by the darkness…

    So in the spirit of getting this disclosure ball rolling, the divine plan seemingly must involve these inheritors of tyranny, mayhem and deception their roles in aiding to deliver a swallowable dose of this new reality given their tainted credibility. To this initial role i offer them ‘blessings’ and pray that their ‘most holy’ buffoonery dies toward true GodExperience.

    As far as Ka Aree seemingly vouching for the Nordics with their longstanding ‘assistance’ towards surface humans, well…. lets just say i’m not too sure about the quality of their efforts and who it benefits. Why is our world in such a shit-hole and sinking faster given this allegedly sage interceding? And now we’re being told (as opposed to being asked) that a New Book based on THEIR religion/interpretation of Oneness should be on our NYTimes bestseller list?

    Oh dear Beloved, another book… What happened to ‘just’ breathing as You?

    Blessings on all these role-players so that more cosmic players can be revealed. 🙂


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