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Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure

The following answers were received from Corey Goode on June 26 in response to questions I sent to him about information he shared recently in an article about the Vatican being involved in an extraterrestrial disclosure initiative. In his responses, he provides further details about what he has been told by multiple sources about ongoing events involving the Vatican, Nordic extraterrestrials and a US Air Force run secret space program.

For those still questioning the credibility of Goode and his disclosures, I recommend an article published on June 11 where documents and professional references are provided that prove two prominent UFO investigators were conducting a hoax investigation into Goode. The investigators clearly attempted to tarnish Goode’s credibility by saying his former career as a well-respected and highly paid Information Technology consultant was wholly contrived, and therefore he is a “pathological liar”.

I have to date communicated with three Information Technology experts who have corroborated Goode’s professional IT background, and they added that he continues to be highly regarded. In all, five IT professionals have vouched for Goode, four of whom have provided recommendations listed in Goode’s LinkedIn account. What this information clearly shows is that Goode was indeed a highly respected IT professional before going public in 2014 with his extraordinary whistleblower claims.

This does not prove any of Goode’s remarkable statements about secret space programs, but it does establish his credibility as a whistleblower whose information deserves serious scrutiny. Since coming forward, irreparable damage has been done to his prospects of working in the IT industry again. What follows adds important information about the role of the Vatican and the U.S. Air Force in impending disclosure initiatives involving Nordic (human looking) extraterrestrials.

Questions and Responses

Q1. Can you explain who told you about a group of extraterrestrials working with the Vatican and other religious leaders about alien disclosure?

I had heard this info in various forms for at least the last 6 months. I think I first heard it from Gonzales. Most recently “Sigmund” and his 2 Airmen Escorts have mentioned it as well. On June 15th, while discussing a number of topics Ka Aree mentioned it in the same conversation of the M.[Muhammad] Accords now being ignored by up to 4 Non-Human Groups.

Q2. What do you know of the Nordic extraterrestrials working with the religious community and why does Ka Aree consider them “brothers and sisters in the Confederation?

Ka Aree stated that the Nordics have worked with Humanity for a very long time. They have mostly worked quietly in the background, but do pop up in historical documents referenced as “Angels”. They would directly interact with certain groups within the Military and Government (including the founding fathers of the United States) as well as with various religious leaders. They have been heavily involved in developing Humanity in a number of ways.

First they (& other races) began to manipulate our DNA to assist in the ability to use speech and to have higher cognitive abilities. Then they developed civilization and base religions with humanity. During this time, Humanity began another important stage of our evolution. The Industrial and Technological Booms were assisted by a number of races including the Nordics. From the beginning these groups were manicuring our consciousness through belief systems and religions.

New belief systems and religions have been crafted by these groups (the Nordics in particular) up until the present day. In fact, The Airforce General we call “Sigmund” had just completed a report prior to his disappearance. In the report he concluded that the experiences I am having are all created and controlled by the Nordics. Further, his report stated that he and his superiors were convinced that this same Nordic group had created the Law of One information as well. He was convinced from the moment I met him that the Nordics were behind this.

The report stated there is no evidence of a NAVY SSP or credible reports from within the Airforce Space Command of there being a barrier around the solar system or a new group of ET’s arriving in Planet Sized Spheres.  This is very interesting knowing that Sigmund did indeed make contact with members of the Navy SSP and even arrested and interrogated a few of them. This report was dated in April 2017, just prior to his disappearance. I’m not at all sure that he wrote the report that was filed under his name.

Q3. What were you told about the contents of an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement in terms of why it would become the basis for a new world religion?

After these beings are introduced, they expect the public will have a lot of questions about the ET’s. The ET’s beliefs and knowledge of the Universe and God would be among the top questions. At this point these beings are expected to share a newly crafted belief system that is based on the ET’s true belief system. These beings will be doing this to help Humanity from the ET perspective.

Q4. You say 90% of people will adopt the new religion quickly. Were you told why it would happen so quickly?

It is expected that most will question their belief systems in the first few years of an introduction to ET’s. Humanity will understand how little we know and will be reaching out to these new “friends” for assistance and answers. This sets up a situation for the majority of people on the planet to adopt a similar belief system that gets them away from the current division.

Q5. What do you know of such an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement being preceded by disclosure of a Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program?

The MIC SSP (Air Force/NSA etc…) have been preparing for the disclosure of their program. I have not heard of them doing this in tandem with an ET announcement other than the Antarctic ruins being disclosed along with more “Ancient Alien” artifacts around the Solar System. This narrative was supposed to first disclose ET’s, but only that the ET’s were here thousands of years ago only.

The MIC SSP disclosure was originally going to be done among the Project Blue Beam scenario. It has most recently been talked about in the context of revealing an ancient alien presence in our Solar System. The meeting of the ET’s could occur after the SSP Disclosure.

If up to 4 groups are no longer abiding by the M. [Muhammad]Accords, then the Powers That Be may not have time to roll out the Antarctica, Ancient Aliens and MIC SSP disclosures first. Things could be drastically sped up if these beings do indeed start communicating with the public in an open way.

Q6. Is the recently leaked Majestic-12 Assessment Briefing Document related to these upcoming announcements?

I cannot verify those documents at the current time. They do have interesting info that is similar to what I had observed. The Nordic race that has the drone ant-like Gray Aliens that do a lot of their physical labor is one example.

Q7 What role is President Donald Trump to play in this sequence of announcements given his recent visit to three major religious centers: Vatican, Saudi Arabia and Israel?

Unknown, from what we have heard Trump is getting some briefings from the Alliance via one of his White House sources. The amount of intel in his current Intel Agency and DOD briefings is very limited by design. It appears he has a small area of operation that he is responsible for and is not privy to the details of other operational domains.

Q8. If Nordic ETs and their allies reveal their existence, and the MIC SSP cooperates, does this mean that the Navy SSP will soon after be revealed or will it continue to be kept secret for some reason?

Unknown, too many variables at this point.

Q9. Do you have an idea of how the four Nordic ET groups plan to circumvent the Muhammad Accords, more physical contacts, dreams, fly overs, etc.?

Nordics plus up to 3 other non Earth-Human types, plan using dreams and altered states to communicate, acclimate the people and prepare them for face to face contact. This may be how disclosure actually occurs, and then the religious leaders need to explain it from a spiritual perspective, in come the new ET friends w/their beliefs etc. This would indeed interrupt the long term roll out that is currently underway. Using Antarctica/Under ocean ruins, Ruins on Mars to sell the ancient aliens only model along with the release of the MIC SSP (Not sure about the Navy SSP).

Exopolitical Analysis

It is highly significant that the disclosure scenario outlined above heavily features human-looking Nordic extraterrestrials. This will certainly allay the fears of some concerned about the influence exercised by non-human groups such as the Draconian Reptilians, whose close relationship with the current power structure (Cabal/Illuminati) has proved to be very harmful to humanity in recent history. There have been two world wars, thousands of smaller scale wars, and the covert influence of the Fourth Reich, all of which can be traced to the Reptilians and their relationship with human elites over the last century.

On the other hand, Corey Goode and others (Alex Collier) have spoken about Nordic and other human-looking extraterrestrial groups running 22 long term genetic experiments involving humanity. While humanity shares similar genetics with our galactic cousins, does this automatically mean we can trust them?

Certainly, from Goode’s responses, the MIC SSP does not fully trust the Nordics who they believe are hoodwinking Goode into believing stories about 8-foot tall Blue Avians, and the existence of a Navy run secret space program. This is despite, as Goode points out, the MIC SSP picking up and interrogating other members of the Navy created Solar Warden Program.

Furthermore, what has happened to the high-ranking USAF general, “Sigmund”, who allegedly wrote the report claiming that Goode is being controlled by the Nordics. Why his disappearance after a report bearing his name appeared? Does he really agree with its findings?

Nevertheless, at this stage it appears that the USAF/MIC SSP is prepared to run with the Nordic extraterrestrial disclosure scenario described by Goode. This is certainly what the recently leaked MJ-12 document suggests with its favorable description of the role played by Nordics in diplomatic relations:

Earth-like humanoids. There are several variations more-or-less like ourselves. The majority of these are friendly and are the bulk of our EBE contacts. Most have a high degree of psychic ability and all use science and engineering of an advanced nature.

Similarly, the Vatican also appears ready to accept human-looking extraterrestrials who can be accepted as “brothers in Christ”, and lay the foundation for a deepening understanding of universal forces and life. This has been exemplified in a series of Vatican related statements dating back to 2008 when Father Gabriel Funes had an interview released titled “The Alien is my brother”.

More recently, on June 14, the Vatican succeeded in having a diverse collection of world religious leaders come together in an extraordinary appeal for friendship and unity. This, as described in my June 22 article, “World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure”, is something to be welcomed.

As such, a new cosmic religion with the Vatican and all other major religious traditions cooperating with Nordic extraterrestrials does appear very plausible. Indeed, the very rapid adoption of up to 90% of humanity into the new faith described by Goode appears very possible. There would certainly be a collapse of traditional belief systems with the open appearance of the Nordics, and the revelation of how much humanity was lied to over the last century by the global elite.

Should the Nordics be trusted however in the impending disclosure scenario described above?

For those that have been following the Corey Goode’s disclosures, what emerges from the above information is the minimal role to be played by the Sphere Being Alliance and the Navy’s secret space program in the upcoming disclosure scenario. That is a cause for concern. However, that can quickly change, as Goode points out, given the unknown variables involved.

It’s worth pointing out that Goode himself is not sure whether the role of Nordics in disclosure will be a positive thing or not. In a follow up to an early draft of this article, he wished to emphasize that he does not support the idea of “Nordics as angels of a new religion people should adopt.”

Goode’s caution here is well worth heeding. Nordic and other human-looking extraterrestrials need to be regarded as galactic cousins who are once again openly revealing themselves, as they once did in our past as historical records clearly reveal, as the work of Erich Von Daniken has so cogently demonstrated.

In this regard, Goode points out that the Nordics worked with the Founding Fathers in establishing the American Republic, thereby suggesting the Nordics are capable of playing a very constructive role in shaping human history.

In the past, the extraterrestrials were regarded as angels revealing profound information that became the basis of major world religions. Today, after three centuries of secularism in the “Age of Enlightenment”, humanity has progressed beyond a distinctly religious world view.

Nevertheless, as the “Friendship and Unity” statement suggests, many billions still embrace diverse religious faiths, and religious leaders can play a positive role in overcoming global differences. A new global religion which emphasizes friendship and unity, and recognizes extraterrestrial life as very real is something to be welcomed.

The role of Nordic extraterrestrials in helping humanity better understand the galactic community and the greater cosmic reality is also to be welcomed. In providing such information they should be regarded as our galactic cousins, rather than angels intent on establishing a new global religion.

While the idea of a new global religion embraced by up to 90% of humanity might concern some, I’m optimistic that the information provided by Nordics will open the door to many hidden truths being revealed, and help humanity rapidly evolve as full partners in the galactic community.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

[Many thanks to Stephen Cefalo and the Sphere Being Alliance for permission to use the graphic images of Nordic ETs in this article.]

Addendum – 10 am (PDT) June 27, 2017 – The following questions and answers with Corey Goode were added to help clarify some questions raised by readers to the above article.

Q. Do you have more intel on the four ET groups involved in this initiative that can be shared?

No, only that they are very human like. Of different race types other than Nordic. Ka Aree stated that up to 4 groups, including the Anshar (their race types) were now ignoring the accords. No further details on w/races. The Nordic/Religion thing is also something the programs have discussed so we don’t know if it is a cabal op working w/an ET group or what at this point. The info is popping up that the UN is also ready to respond at the same time the religions do. So there is chatter about this and variations of this scenario coming out from several sources. This information has slight variations, depending on who the source was, but after a few correlations I thought it was worth reporting in our most recent briefing.

Q. When you say, “Of different race types other than Nordic”, do you mean that one of the groups is Nordics and three not?

As I have mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure, there are a number of non-Earth Human types of beings that get lumped in with the “Nordic ET” label. There is even a 6 fingered “Nordic” looking race that works closely with the Reptilians. We have even had confirmation within the programs that German Breakaway Groups were appearing to people as Nordic ET’s. At this point we don’t know which group of “Nordic-like ET’s” are reported to be considering this type of revelation to humanity while working in concert with various governments, Military organizations and Religious Leaders. This type of thing was indeed planned in 2008, but never occurred. The main point is that this is among the scenarios that are being planned for us. We need to be informed and prepared for how we will react to which ever scenario or combination of scenarios may end up playing out. It is obvious that Project Blue Beam is not viable unless used in concert with the revelation of positive ET friends. This is speculation based on what I have observed and been told.

Up to 4 groups that are Human Like, one of which is Nordic Looking. Some of Ka Aree’s people are very Nordic looking as well.

The Anshar Inner Earth Civilization – Ka Aree is on the left

Q. Many have been really hoping that full disclosure would lead to a world without established religious faiths. That seems very naïve to me. What do you think?

It is a bit naive to think people will abandon religion and spiritual belief systems all together when we are programmed to do so. That is the reason the positive ET’s, until this point, have not appeared before the pubic. In the past they were worshiped and want us to focus on ourselves instead of outside forces to save them. I think that is all I have to clarify. TY

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Comments (7)

  • Avatar

    Clara Williams


    I don’t trust any of these ET’s, inner earth beings, reptilians, or whatever – not a one of them. Just look at the dis-ease the earth and humanity are in at the moment. Not a one of this lot lifted a finger, tentacle or claw to stop any of it. I’m not gullible enough to be duped by the lie that they can’t or won’t interfere for spiritual reasons – what total garbage. I don’t believe for a moment that anyone of these non-human creatures care an iota about what happens to me, my children or the rest of humankind. The bottom line for this non-human lot will be how many of us they can take as slaves, kill, genetically alter for their own purposes or trade to the highest galactic bidder. I know people who have worked with these really attractive humanoid aliens in the past, the earth humans were perpetrators and criminals. The aliens could have worked with law abiding decent people but they deliberately didn’t. Its a clear indication of who these aliens really are – like attracts like. They are evil, liars and there is secret criminal intent in everything they are doing. Don’t trust them – something is serious wrong when they have allowed humanity to be degraded and abused, it doesn’t add up.


  • Avatar

    Joseph Michael Carrigan


    My 2 cents: I do not understand why I do not have this programed need to be in a religion. Nor do I find myself frightened or concerned about ET civilizations. In fact it is “mind blowing” that we are not part of the galactic community. It also appears that 90% (pure guess, but a lot) of the people I choose to talk to because of a “feeling” are exactly the same way. So it is a bit disconcerting that Corey talks like it’s par for the course that we be a part of some religion. I could be wrong.


  • Avatar



    Going down the religious route will only end in disaster. How can Nordic extraterrestrials, or any other groups be involved with the Vatican, one of the most corrupt institutions in the world? Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. Religion is used by the cabal to control people, and to enslave them. If the Nordic extraterrestrial race attempt to create a new religion, with the help of the Vatican it will be disastrous, a complete failure. Going down this route will be the demise of the Catholic Church.
    When we do have full disclosure, religious beliefs will collapse. It’s only logic that people will not go to a church, synagogue, mosque or anywhere else to listen to a load of fairy tales. The corrupt paedophile priests will have to tell their congregations that extraterrestrials have been visiting our planet for thousands of years, and created hybrid races. Not very religious!
    Are these spiritual Nordics going to tell the world the truth, about our ascension being the ascension after death to one of the astral planes? Or are the spiritual Nordics going to start a new fairy tale religion? And of course why have the spiritual Nordics been hiding up, like the Draconians, Greys, Tall Whites and many other aliens? All of these extraterrestrial races, including the Nordics have entered into secret agreements with the US government and military. They have in fact given them military technology. The Nordics don’t seem very spiritual to me, at least this particular race colluding with the Vatican. In fact most of the aliens who have made secret deals with governments, are a severe threat to this planet. And most of the whistleblowers know that this is true. I would urge everyone to watch the Phil Schneider videos, to discover the truth about the US government cover-up. He held a top NATO position, and confirmed that the UN is already controlled by Tall Greys. The FBI made several attempts on his life, and Phil Schneider was finally assassinated in January 1996.
    Eventually all religions will be replaced by a scientific spiritual philosophy, similar to spiritualism. No spiritual extraterrestrial race would promote a new religion, it would be ridiculous, and go against their own knowledge. I have studied psychic phenomena for more than 40 years, and have also seen UFOs. Through psychics and direct voice/materialisation mediums, we can get closer to the truth.


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    The Vatican has been lying for 2000 years, what makes you think they are telling you the truth now. Nothing good will come of a One World Religion! You are playing right into their hands and I can no longer support either of you if you push this agenda. I have been a staunch supporter and defender of Corey 100’s of times over the past weeks and of you Salla several times. But, I cannot believe that you don’t see this for what it is. The Pope is either totally demon possessed or Reptilian possessed. I looked into his eyes close up and they were solid black.
    He is the number one Pedophile monster Satanic ritual murderer of children and they have been grooming and protecting pedophiles for 2000 years as well.

    You cannot trust a thing that comes from the Pope or anyone at the Vatican.
    do not back up his One World Religion as he is also calling for the UN to be our Unified One World Government….Seriously? You don’t see this?
    I suppose there isn’t much you can do but at least you don’t have to support our demise into the NEW WORLD ORDER. You and Corey are letting us down. What??? Are you both afraid to say it for what it is? Are you afraid at this late stage of the game, or has it all been a fraud just like the Dark Journalist is saying?? When push comes to shove, are you really going to bend over and say have at it boys??? I am backing away from all of you now. Gaia, David, Corey, Salla, allof you and it. I don’t know who I can trust, anymore. The people I have been championing have proven weak and too cowardly for me to support. We need someone who can really lead the people into Full Disclosure. Not graphic novels or selling trinkets on websites, or selling anything, this is about the safety and future of humanity, not personal gain.


  • Avatar



    Great article
    Keep pushing for Full Disclosure and soon


    • Avatar

      go insight


      Please understand here, it is not Corey Goode background or credentials that is being question. But we are very very curious to hear what the Sphere Being Alliance have to say through him, about this one world religion been propose, since they were not supported of inner Earth beings imposing religion on us surface people, in the first-place eons ago. Why a new religion now and why repeat the same old Ops- operation all over again. Which may result in the long haul over time the same results. History teaches when you do the same thing you get the same results. Base on his own ( Corey Goode ) past reports I see no different here. Have the Sphere Being, knowing that this is about to or may happen decided to pass on this, if so Why?? Far too many global and intergalactic wars have been fought over religion and ideology, so much so that the Ra, material even highlighted this as a warning, which Corey is very aware of. Also everyone here, knows from history, that religion here focus in the end on two or three things. Domination and control and loss of freedom given over to others. Where there is no wisdom or truth of “being of service to others” as you like to say. And noted that, if you don’t go along you are out casted by religious authority. Just more of the same under the banner of world religion. Noted: Religion and Spirituality or spiritual growth is not one in the same.
      So Cory, please answer this one question, and if you don’t know the answer go to the Sphere Beings and ask for or get the correct answer instead of responding off the cuff. Why offer more religion on a global wide level or scale, instead of the Truth once and for all. We wait your answer!!!
      Go insight


  • Avatar

    go insight


    Since this all started with Corey Good and the Sphere Being Alliance. I wonder out loud, how can the Sphere Being Alliance not be the ones at the center of this. Also Cory have you forgotten your comments that now the whole plan has been intervene by the divine power, and the divine power is now calling the shots/plan. And you also said in a previous comment that the Sphere Beings had already call out the inner earth groups for doing this same thing/ or making this same mistake many eons ago.. For having to spring a religion upon people and mis leading them and not telling the Truth. Why Repeat the same thing all over again with another world religion? Be it Nordic or otherwise This does not add up at all. I am seeing holes here in this narrative. Please explain Cory!!!!


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