Exopolitics: political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence
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"Historians will eventually learn a host of academics in America well knew there was an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet Earth and the human race, but did not have the courage to speak out against the government imposed truth embargo or risk the criticisms from uninformed colleagues. Dr. Michael Salla is not one of them. Lacking neither the courage nor the intellectual honesty to take on the most important issue in history, he is helping to found an extraordinary field of study and policy - Exopolitics. This new way of thinking about the world is the logical and inevitable extension of the citizen/science process underway in earnest since 1947 to confirm and understand the extraterrestrial presence.
For six decades the great universities of a free nation have completely abrogated their responsibility to seek and to teach the truth, however inconvenient that truth might be to the State. This is unacceptable and will be changed. In due course there will be various departments of extraterrestrial studies in every university and college in America. And that powerful and appropriate circumstance will owe much to Michael Salla."
“Michael Salla presents an astounding and eye-brow raising alterative history of the past 100 years. He postulates that since at least the 1930s every major war and policy decision has been in response to an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence on Earth. He traces actual events, ranging from the Nazi development of flying saucers to the recent US invasion of Iraq, to this unworldly element within government and societal issues. Salla’s case could be easily dismissed as fringe conspiracy theory except that it is well supported by the data, answers many of recent history’s most perplexing mysteries and, with each passing year, is gaining credence with thinkers all around the globe. Read and contemplate this thesis today. Tomorrow, it may be the news headlines.”

Jim Marrs, Author of Rule by Secrecy and Alien Agenda


"Exopolitics represents the biggest fork in the road ahead for mankind.
This book is essential reading".

Duncan M. Roads, Editor, NEXUS Magazine


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Few recent UFO books in my library have made significant contribution to the field, but this one sure did. There's so much conspiracy theory out there that you could spend years exploring it, but Salla draws it all together into focus, all the while keeping in mind the question, "What exactly does it take to convince a jury?" But wait, there's more! Salla's book is multi-faceted. It's a political analysis AND a conspiracy theory. Whilst most researchers might be tempted to enter into endless phylosophical political debate, Salla approaches his thesis by building a framework on the assumption that, since there has already been a long standing ET presence, we already have an exopolitcal relationship - a very dubious and clandestine relationship - one that desperately needs to be exposed before mankind can move forward.

Salla reviews all the major conspiracy theories, not because he beleives them, but because that's what an impartial scientific person does. He rates his sources, so you don't have to, and confesses that, although one particular source might not seem reliable, it's the volume of corroborating sources that gives credence. Salla explores many recent major world events in the context of the ET presence, and some of it, such as the Iraq-Stargate connection, is completely new to me, and he draws it all together into one concise volume, with loads of references for the curious. Salla admits that his book is far from complete or perfect, but it's a foundation stone and it's a great starting point for bigger things to come. I thought some of the chapters needed some editing for typographical errors or some updating, and the language was a little "dry", but the book is otherwise brilliant.

This is among the best book on UFOs I have read. Others are "Alien Agenda" (Jim Marrs) and "UFOs and the National Security State" (Richard Dolan). The author presents an alternative view behind the real causes of many major world events for the past 70 years (a hidden ET presence on Earth). Although mainstream society may scoff at some of his theories, he presents very powerful evidence, quoting from a variety of sources. Although some of the "whistleblowers" claims, border on the fantastic, like the mysterious Dr. Neruda saying that BST (Blank State Technology-the most advanced form of time travel) is being developed by some rogue elements within the NSA, they are presented in a very coherent, intelligent fashion, which make them very difficult to ignore. Dr. Salla is a very brave man for a Ph.D, presenting a theory, which may be ridiculed by mainstream science, society and the media. Do read this book only if you have an open mind, otherwise don't spend 50 bucks and then blame the author. It may change your view of our planet. It certainly has mine.

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